Lacrosse Superstar Alexis Rodell Commits D1 to Stanford


Jeff Bartee

Junior Lexi Rodell on a recent visit to Stanford University, where she has been recruited to play D1 lacrosse for the Class of 2028.

Angelina Karol, Staff Reporter

Junior Alexis Rodell has created plenty of buzz on campus since she committed in September to play Division 1 lacrosse as a member of the Stanford University Class of 2028.

Since her freshman year at the high school, Rodell has dominated on the varsity lacrosse team. She led the team with 57 points her freshman year and nearly double that her sophomore year. Rodell knows how to play a good game, but she admits it has been a long journey to get where she is today.

“At first, my parents bought the lacrosse equipment for my brother, but when he ignored it, I picked it up and started playing around the yard,” said Rodell, who fell in love with the sport when she was just two years old. “In third grade, I joined the Rec League for Randolph, and I have been playing competitively ever since.”

Rodell said she started playing seriously because she loved her teammates: “Being surrounded by such a talented group of girls made me realize that there is nothing I wanted to do more than play competitively at a higher level.”

“As a coach, it has been awesome to see the improvement that Lexi has shown so far in her lacrosse career,” said Jillian Picciuto, head coach of the girls varsity lacrosse team. “She is the type of athlete that is always looking to improve her skills and be better. She comes to every practice and always gives 100 percent effort.”

Rodell’s hard work and dedication have helped her achieve a ranking of 22nd in the country. But hard work isn’t all she is known for on the field.

“Something I have learned from playing with Lexi is to make the most fun out of the time we have on the field,” senior teammate Danielle Blumenthal said. “Lacrosse is a very mental game, and we all have bad days, but Lexi is always there as a shoulder to lean on.”

Rodell’s decision to go to Stanford wasn’t an easy one, as she received a handful of offers from D1 lacrosse schools across the country. In the end, Stanford won her over. “At first I wasn’t interested in going there at all. I would be so far away from my family and everyone else I knew,” Rodell said. “After speaking with a panel of professors and meeting the team, I decided Stanford was where I wanted to go.”

When asked what advice she would give to younger players, Rodell said, “Obsession beats talent every time. Your performance on the field is a reflection of the work you put in behind the scenes, and the more you work at it, the more you will see improvements in the things that you are doing.”

Rodell’s teammates and coaches unanimously expressed excitement about her commitment. “I feel nothing but happy and proud for Lexi on her commitment to Stanford and can confidently say it is well deserved,” Blumenthal said.

“Knowing Lexi as a student, athlete and person, she exemplifies everything any college would be looking for,” Picciuto said. “Stanford is lucky to have her.”

Rodell will graduate with the Stanford Class of 2028 and plans to major in marine biology with a minor in environmental systems engineering.