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Seeing Double

Seniors Rocco and Daniel Nole.

If students think they’re seeing double in the high school hallways, it’s because RHS has numerous sets of twins, numbering in the, well, double digits. At first glance, some twins may look like living mirrors of each other, but after taking a closer look, and getting to know each of them better, their unique qualities begin to take over their copy-and-paste appearance. Rampage spoke with some of the high school’s most affable twins, both identical and fraternal, to find out what life is like in the twin lane. By the way, the student journalists who wrote this article happen to be twins as well and are included in the piece.

Lily and Rose Jens (’24)

Senior twins Lily and Rose Jens mirror each other not only in looks but also in accomplishments; they are talented student choreographers who have received awards and notoriety for dance and theater productions at both RHS and RMS.

“I love being a twin because my sister is my best friend in the world,” Lily said. “I can rely on her for everything: homework, studying, dance or just having someone to hang out with.”

Although they may look alike and share some similar interests, the sisters stress that they have distinct personalities. Both excel in different subjects, Lily in science and math and Rose in English and history.

“I don’t like it when people assume or say that we’re the same because I want to be my own person,” Rose said.

Lily and Rose have a close relationship, both in and out of school, hanging out with friends or just catching up; however, even twins need their own space sometimes.

Daniel and Rocco Nole (’24)

Seniors Daniel and Rocco Nole seem to be up for anything, whether it be playing sports or challenging themselves academically. They are varsity swim and track athletes who are known around campus for taking initiative and striving to put their best foot (or is that “feet”?) forward. Rocco was also voted Homecoming King on Oct. 20, 2023.

To top it off, “Both Daniel and Rocco are extremely kind,” close friend Yuri Perelman said.

“We like being twins, and we like having some classes together,” Rocco said.

Even though they look nearly identical, eagle-eyed students know that Daniel’s the twin who always wears a backward baseball cap. However, the pair share the same kindhearted personality and contagious smile.

Allyson and Madyson Galloza (’26)

Sophomores Allyson and Madyson Galloza are often seen together in the hallways. They may be and look identical, but on the inside, they stress that they are two unique people who dislike being lumped together as one person.

“I’m tired of people saying, ‘So you guys are basically the same people,’ because we’re two very different people that just look alike,” Allyson said.

Despite this, Allyson admitted that she and her sister mostly enjoy being twins: “Being a twin is like having a built-in best friend that I’m going to have for the rest of my life.”

The pair do not have any classes in common this year, but when they do, it is not something that bothers them. “Last year, the majority of our classes were together, but this year, we don’t have any together,” Allyson noted.

Sydney and Alivia Wright (’26)

Identical sophomore twins Sydney and Alivia Wright agree that being a twin is not always so great. “Sometimes I just want to be my own person,” Sydney said.

While the pair value their independence, they also enjoy spending time with one another on occasion. High school students can often spot them walking together in the hallways during passing time or in shared classes catching up on the day’s events.

According to Sydney, there are a few ways to tell them apart. “My hair is shorter, I have earrings, and obviously, my personality is different from hers,” she said.

Joseph and Matthew Paladino (’27)

Freshmen football players Joseph and Matthew Paladino enjoy a good laugh, which is why they can often be overheard cracking jokes about each other in the hallway. Joseph and Matthew are fraternal twins, so people often think they’re just brothers or even close friends.

“I’m tired of people telling us we don’t look like twins,” Matthew said.

Matthew and Joseph enjoy playing sports together; however, off the field, they admit they can get on each other’s nerves. For this reason, the twins prefer having classes apart, so they can have their own personal space.

Grace and Olivia Theerman (’27)

Freshmen Olivia and Grace Theerman share a passion for lacrosse. They love to practice together as often as they can, but both agree that they need time away from each other every so often.

“I like being a twin, but it has its positives and negatives,” Grace said. “Being in the same house and constantly being around each other makes it harder to gain new opportunities and independence.”

Both twins enjoy having a few classes together, so they can have someone to talk to, but they also think having classes apart is important because it allows them to meet new people and make new friends.

Grace and Rachel Kellett (’27)

Despite the fact that both of them have bright red hair, freshmen Rachel and Grace Kellett insist they’re more different than one might think.

“I’m tired of hearing people call me by my sister’s name; we don’t look alike,” Rachel said.

Rachel and Grace enjoy many different activities, which often keeps them apart due to their crazy schedules. However, they both enjoy being twins as it’s like having “a lifelong best friend who you can talk to about anything,” Grace said.

Both twins mentioned that being compared to each other is something they do not enjoy, and taking the same classes only worsens it.

“My sister and I are better at different subjects, so when I get compared to her math level, it’s frustrating because I’m not as good at math as she is,” Rachel said.

Jiah and Ruhi Shah (’27)

Freshmen twins Jiah and Ruhi Shah are closer than they might seem. They may have different friend groups, but they still love taking classes together.

“It’s always nice seeing each other, but I think if we had multiple classes together, I’d be annoyed,” Jiah said.

Ruhi said that she hates being asked, “What’s it like being a twin?” because “I don’t know what it’s like to not be a twin.”

Ruhi and Jiah both play violin for Chambers RHS and are part of Key Club, Drama Club and Symphonic Orchestra. Despite having numerous classes and clubs together, Ruhi and Jiah also love their independence.Ruhi often spends her time with friends in the library, while Jiah writes poems and articles on her computer.

Sure, they may share a common love of orchestra and theater, but in the end, they are not each other. “As great a person as Ruhi is, we share a last name and some features, but that’s it,” Jiah said.

About the Contributors
Rachel Kellett
Rachel Kellett, Staff Reporter
Freshman Rachel Kellett works as a Staff Reporter for Rampage and takes Journalism 1 with Mrs. Finnell She plays softball and basketball, and her other hobbies include listening to music, reading, playing with her dog and going to the beach.  
Jiah Shah
Jiah Shah, Staff Reporter
Jiah Shah is a freshman and a staff reporter for Rampage. She is enrolled in Journalism 1 with Mrs. Finnell. Jiah enjoys writing in her free time and often writes poems to clear her mind. Jiah is enrolled in a few clubs including Key Club, Literature Club, and Literature Magazine. Her other hobbies include playing with her dog, baking, and listening to her grandmother’s stories.
Liz Bukh
Liz Bukh, Photo Editor
Elizabeth (Liz) Bukh is a junior and the photo editor for Rampage. Liz has taken Intro to Photography as well as Photography I and II. This is her first year on staff at Rampage, and she is excited to take pictures for the school, whether they be for Rampage or the Yearbook. Outside of taking pictures, Liz does track and field and wants to work in the field of public relations in the future.
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  • R

    Rocco NoleJan 18, 2024 at 12:23 pm

    I gotta say this came out really good! Thanks for featuring me and my brother!

  • S

    Sonal ShahJan 17, 2024 at 4:08 pm

    Twins galore. Very well written, good job all.