Senior Prom 2023 Fashion: Outfits Outshine the Stars

The arrival of spring in the RHS community comes with warmth, excitement, and one of the most revered nights of any high schooler’s life: senior prom. The milestone event was held on Friday, June 2, at Randolph’s own Meadow Wood Manor, and the class of 2023 was set to sparkle.

Since the beginning of the year, prom-goers had looked far and wide for the perfect outfit, taking inspiration from last year’s prom, social media and the extensive designer websites available at the tap of a finger. Many drove long distances to small boutiques and large warehouses across the state. Some students, in paying homage to their culture, even found their dream prom outfit at international stores like Priyanka Agarwal and Modanisa, which carry traditional designs from India and Turkey.

“I ended up buying a prom dress that is totally different than what I was originally looking for,” senior Sophia Fliegler said. “But that’s the beauty of prom shopping; you can really expand your horizons and find out what you look and feel best in.”

The most frequented stores that were visited this year were Coco’s Chateau, Castle Couture, Jacqueline’s, Lucy in the Sky, Camille La Vie, Dream Dresses and Diane & Co. The most popular brands this year included Sherri Hill, Faviana, Jovani, La Femme and Jessica Angel.

The girls’ dresses featured different designs that displayed unique styling and meticulous detailing. Most prom-goers opted for tight fitted dresses that include long trains, flowy bottoms and slits along with tops ranging from halters to single straps to strapless. The backs of the dresses feature low cuts with intricate designs like crossovers.  Many have glitter and beaded designs that lend the perfect touch to the dress.

Of course, no prom dress is complete without accessories. From earrings to dress shoes, many seniors added any adornment possible to their ensemble to give it, as stated by Fliegler, “unparalleled pizzazz.”

Not to be outdone, the boys of the Class of 2023 also dressed to impress. While some, like senior Leo Hernandez, hadn’t “even looked for anything yet” only a few weeks before prom, many others had are scoured the stores for the perfect suit.

Popular styles for the male set this year included black suits, vests, bowties, prints and color schemes to match their dates’ dresses. “I think matching with your date is a smart move,” senior Conner Cafero said. “The boys can choose to match the color, ties or designs to their dates’ dresses to make it look even better.”

Here are some prom pix courtesy of members of the Class of 2023.