Cam Johnson Debuts “Sports Update” on Ram Report


Courtesy of Ram Report

Cam Johnson debuts his Sports Update segment on Friday, Jan. 21, 2023.

Colin O’Meara, Assistant Sports Editor

Fans of Ram Report may remember him as “Weatherman Cam,” but when junior Cam Johnson returned to the morning announcements show after taking a break, it was in a brand-new capacity as a sports reporter.

Johnson debuted the new Sports Update segment on Friday, Jan. 21, delivering his first live-streamed coverage of sports highlights to students during homeroom. In his patented enthusiastic style, Johnson updated students on sports scores they might have missed during the week and shared the schedule for upcoming games.

It seems that countless students love Johnson’s energy and enthusiasm, and they were not disappointed by his highly anticipated return to reporting, about a year after he took a break from his job as weatherman.

“I was happy to see him again because I loved his segment so much last year when he was Weatherman Cam,” junior Liv Myerson said.

“It really made my day when I saw Weatherman Cam come back to the Ram Report to deliver the sports news,” senior Luke Potamianos said.

Junior Jacob Corsaro noted that when he and his homeroom classmates saw Johnson on the projector in the morning, they cheered.

“I really liked it when he reported the weather last year, but I like him a lot more as a sports reporter,” Ethan Gorman said. “He brings an even stronger energy than he had last year.”

Just like with his student fans, Johnson’s fellow Ram Report staffers were happy to see him back in the studio. “We do our morning announcements pretty early, and he really helps lighten the mood and bring spirits up,” explained junior Kaitlyn DiCataldo, a Ram Report script writer. “He’s a great staff member to have, and I love his segment.”

What’s Johnson’s secret to success? “I wake up early with a positive mindset,” he said. “I have a strong passion for sports, and I enjoy talking about it.”

Although the sports broadcasts are live, Johnson said that he never really feels nervous. “It takes a little bit for my nerves to settle in, but once we start, I’m confident and ready to go,” he said.

Johnson is happy to be back on air. He plans to continue bringing his patented brand of energy and enthusiasm to his live-streamed sports segment on the Ram Report for many Fridays to come, so students should be sure to tune in during homeroom.