School Fashion: RHS Students Talk About Current Trends 


Emma Kirshbaum

Converse platform sneakers are one of the top fashion trends at the high school.

Alexis Apirian and Gretchen Tuttle

At RHS, the latest high school fashion trends are on daily display, with flare leggings, Converse sneakers, groutfits, flannel shirts, and low-cut Uggs topping the list. What these trends have in common is that the clothes and footwear are always comfy, cozy and stylish. Whether our fashionable peers wear them to stay comfortable throughout the lengthy school day or display a personal sense of style is anyone’s guess. What’s clear is that every student makes a unique fashion statement that gives us a front row seat to our very own weekday hallway runway show.

Flare Leggings 

Flare jeans, otherwise known as bell bottoms, were popular in the 60s and 70s, when they more often called “flared” with the “d.” It was not until the mid-2000s that flare jeans started to make a slow comeback, following the original flared style from popular brands ranging from Wrangler to Calvin Klein.

Today, students including freshman Ava Sousa are obsessed with updated offshoots of the original ’70s style of bell bottoms, specifically in the form of flare leggings. “Flare leggings are the best fashion trend,” Sousa said. “They are cute, comfortable, and they go with everything.”

Converse Platform Sneakers

Converse has recently made a comeback with its trendy, high-top platform sneakers, which add about 1.4 inches to an individual’s height. “Converse are comfortable and stylish,” said sophomore Emma Kirshbaum, who, like many of her peers, regularly wears the platforms to high school.

First released in 1917, Converse was a big fashion trend in the 1980s through 2000s. The brand’s current popularity stems not only from the updated platform feature, but also from the sneakers’ other unique aspects, including the variety of available colors and patterns, a range in cuts from low to high top and a person’s ability to customize the sneakers however he or she desires.


Although this was not always the case, today’s students enjoy dressing down for school every day, more than they do dressing up, which is a fashion trend exemplified by the groutfit. The word “groutfit” is a portmanteau, which means it combines two words, gray and outfit, to create a new one. This is fitting since groutfits are comfortable outfits made completely of gray clothing.

“I think the groutfit is popular because it’s a staple piece,” said junior Angie Karol. “It’s something that everyone has in their closet.”

Groutfits have only expanded in popularity since they first began trending in 2009. A handful of U. Mass students even gave the trend its own annual recognition day, National Groutfit Day on Nov. 18, which not only celebrates the all-gray outfit but also everyone’s need for a little extra comfort during the week prior to Thanksgiving and fall break.

Flannel Shirts 

Modern-day flannel shirts, which come as either pullovers or button-ups, are another top trend for our high schoolers. One part of their appeal is that the wearers can customize their flannel-based outfits according to their own personal style. Many students enjoy wearing them open or over another base outfit, while others prefer having them buttoned to the top for a more tailored look.

“I like that they’re soft and that they have a lot of different colors and patterns,” senior Madeleine Brown said. “You can pick the one that fits you the best.”

The origins of today’s woolen or cotton flannel shirts can be traced all the way back to the seventeenth century, when farmers wore them as a source of protection from various elements. Some of today’s students also associate the plaid top with the punk rock and grunge movements of the 1990s.


Uggs are trending now, especially the lower-cut, ankle or short styles.

No matter the style, these unisex sheepskin boots or slippers can be an easy addition to any daily outfit. “I can still feel homey, comfortable and cozy while I go out,” said freshman Rayna Emdur. “Also, they are secure on your feet, so you don’t have to worry about them falling off.”

Uggs were first created in 1978 but became ragingly popular in the early 2000s when many influencers and shoppers began to test out unique styles of the brand. One fun fact is that they carry the famous brand name because when Frank Mortel, who created Uggs in 1958, first showed the shoe design to his wife she called them incredibly ugly.

Well, as some might say, fashion lies in the eye of the beholder.