Featured Student: Gracie Schrader, the Mind Behind the “Calm Kiosks” in the High School


Huck Schrader

Gracie Schrader stands before one of the Calm Kiosks she created at the high school, which provide a space for students and teachers to mentally reset during the day, as her Girl Scout Gold Award project.

Aaima Naeem, Guest Reporter

RHS senior Gracie Schrader knew that many teens struggled with mental health issues, especially after the pandemic, so she decided to do something about it. Schrader created “Calm Kiosks,” which she set up in various locations throughout the high school, to provide a space for students–and teachers–to mentally reset during the day.

Schrader, who is a Girl Scout Ambassador, chose the kiosk project when she began working toward her Gold Award, the highest award one can receive in Girl Scouting. Since her sophomore year, Schrader has worked to make a powerful impact on her community through the focus of teenage mental health.

“Throughout the pandemic and being stuck indoors, I found that most teens, including myself, found connections over social media, but social media doesn’t really connect us to the world,” Schrader explained. “I struggled with mental health a lot throughout the pandemic, especially not being able to play softball or hang out with my friends. I was struggling to find ways to regulate myself, and once I found things that helped me, I thought they would be able to help others as well.”

At the beginning of Schrader’s sophomore year, she sent out a survey to RHS students regarding stress levels in school and how they cope. With over 120 responses, she confirmed this was an issue in Randolph’s school community and began drafting plans to combat it.

Throughout her junior year, she held puzzle and craft drives and collected materials from the school community to create the Calm Kiosks. The kiosks featured different items, such as puzzles, coloring pages, fidgets, brain teasers and Calm Strips, which students could use as stress relievers throughout their school day.

After meetings with school administrators and her advisors, Maryalice Thomas and Stephanie Jennis, Schrader implemented her first Calm Kiosk in the high school counseling office at the beginning of this academic year.

“Gracie is an incredible student. She is goal-driven and determined. Gracie knows exactly what needs to be accomplished, the timeline that is reasonable and how to boost everything up with creativity and finesse,” Jennis explained. “She is a perfect self-advocate, reaching out whenever she needs a bit of assistance or resources. At first, she had a goal, and with some conferencing from me, but mostly in her own leadership, she was able to break down everything she needed to do, when to do it and how exactly to be successful.”

The first Calm Kiosk was a success, so Schrader decided to implement another one in the auxiliary gym at the high school. She hung yoga posters around the gym in order to provide a space for students to mentally reset during the day

Schrader also sent out a survey to teachers, asking whether they would utilize a kiosk. After receiving over 20 replies with positive feedback, Schrader implemented her third Calm Kiosk in the teachers’ resource center on the first floor of the high school.

“Girl Scouts has helped me become the person I am today,” Schrader said. “I learned about leadership, the importance of helping others and how to effectively work as a team. Being part of Girl Scouts has provided me the opportunity to work with younger girls, experts in their fields, global leaders. I’ve been inspired my Girl Scouts to spend the rest of my life in service to others.”

To follow Gracie’s journey toward receiving her Gold Award and find more information on mental health for teens, visit @randolph_wellness on Instagram.